For young men and women in Family and Consumer Sciences education in public and private school through grade 6-12.

An organization designed to engage, guide, and inspire young adults to become the leaders of tomorrow.




FCCLA was founded on June 11, 1945 in a convention located in Chicago Illinois. During this convention, 29 Home Economic leaders came together with the idea of creating one national student organization that would aim towards giving students the resources that they need to become leaders of the future. FCCLA is a community of growth and change.



Members of FCCLA gain access to competitive events and conferences where they will be able to obtain necessary leadership skills such as communication, critical-thinking, public speaking, creativity and many more! Through FCCLA, students are bound to make lasting friendships/relationships that will be key to their future success.


Interesting Facts

FCCLA has many interesting and creative components that make the organization so unique. Some of these things are the following: FCCLA’s signature flower is the red rose which symbolizes beauty and joy in everyday life. Also, the motto of FCCLA is “Towards New Horizons” which symbolizes growth and change. Plus, FCCLA has acquired 5,253 chapters nationwide across 48 states.

Community Service and Engagement

Today, FCCLA has accumulated over 10 million students and teachers that have engaged and taken part of the organization. Currently, there are over 182,000 affiliated members nationally in which all are actively playing roles in community service and leadership projects. Moreover, FCCLA has acquired 5,253 chapters nationwide across 48 states. FCCLA is a great organization because members are encouraged to be leaders of change as they address and look at youth concerns that their community and the world faces.FCCLA positions members in the right direction when evaluating their career choices and guides them in their educational journey. All in all, FCCLA serves as an innovative and creative way to engage our youth by offering many opportunities for students to engage with their community through projects and FCCLA conferences.

Edison High School FCCLA Chapter

EHS offers many Family and Consumer Science courses that include Fashion, Foundations of Food, Child Growth and Development plus many more! Through joining FCCLA, students are given the chance to apply their skills and knowledge through participating in community service events at FCCLA's NJ Fall and Spring Leadership Conference.FCCLA is open to every student at FCCLA and it is a great club to help students kickstart their career journey!